Eric Essayagh

Eric Essayagh

Professional background and areas of responsibility are:

January 2000: Qualified state of Doctor of Medicine. Qualification in General Medicine. University of Dijon

March 2000: General Medicine facility. Orientation Aesthetic Medicine, morphological and anti-aging. Mesotherapy

July 2003: Master of Anatomy Morphological superficial tissues. University of Bordeaux 2. Pr P. CAIX

July 2004: Graduated from the National College of Aesthetic Medicine. University of Paris V.

May 2005: Certificate of Inter European University Medical Lasers. Faculty of Medicine Henri Warembourg. Lille. Pr J-M BRUNETAUD

Diploma in July 2005 Inter Universitaire de Mesotherapy. Faculty of Medicine in Marseilles.

October 2005: Graduated from University evaluation and control of injection techniques and filling in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. University Paris 5. Faculty of Medicine. Pr ESCANDE

2006-2007: registered and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris XIII Inter University Diploma Medical Morphological and Anti-Aging. Pr.Yves COHEN

November 2007: Graduated Inter University Medical Morphological and Anti-ageing. Diploma recognized by the National Council of the Order of Doctors

Publications and Conferences:

  • Charged course in anatomy laboratory of Prof. P. CAIX at the Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux 2.Course entitled: "Procerus muscle." "Balance fronto-orbital and botulinum toxin", "care and treatment of striae.
  • Charged course at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris XIII. "Mésolifts." Under the IUD Medical Morphological and Anti-aging. Full face volumetry, look with fillers and botulinium toxin
  • Charged of course in University Diploma of injections in face in ORL speciality in NICE
  • Speaker to 6 th congress in Paris of the French Association of Physicians Esthéticiens on "Mésolifts"
  • Speaker World Congress on Anti Aging in March 2006 on the "Place de la Mesotherapy in the treatment of striae.
  • Publication in the New England Journal of Medicine: Blood Lipids in Brain Infarction Subtypes. March 2000.
  • Publication of the monthly magazine Impact Medicine on the treatment of stimulation fibroblaste about the treatment of striae. May 2006. Dr P. TREVIDIC.
  • Speaker in the first Congres of the SOFMMAA in Bordeaux on 11 and 12 January 2008 and 2010. Four submissions: 1 / Supports Morphological and anti-aging of striae and 2 / aging inside: what can be done with hyaluronic acid? 3/ nose profiloplasty with fillers, 4/ the footlifting with filler
  • Chairman in the IUD Medical Morphological and anti-aging in mars2008: "Supports morphological and age of anti-aging eye"
  • Publication in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology :2013: 12(12)1434-1446 clinical equivalence of incobotuliniumtoxina ( neurotoxin free from complexing proteins – 150kda) and conventional
  • onabotulinumtoxinna (900kda) 2013 multidisciplinary French consensus in aesthetics.

Learned society:

  • Chairman of the Scientific Committee and protocols to the French Society of Medical Morphological and anti-aging.
  • Chairman and member of scientific committee of Face to Face Congress
  • Scientific committee member of the SAMCEP association

Key opinion leader for GALDERMA Q-MED