Simon Sebbah

Simon Sebbah

June 2017 : Graduation from a general practitioner.

June 2016 : Graduation of baldness treatment at LYON 1 University.

December 2016 : Training in laying APTOS threads.

September 2016 : Graduation from specialized studies in general medicine.

June 2015 : Graduation in fillers injection technics in plastic and maxillofacial surgery at PARIS 12 University.

September 2014 : Graduation in aesthetic dermatology at the Versailles University.

June 2013 : Graduation of mesotherapy at PARIS 6 University.

May 2017-September 2018 : Specialized consulting trainer doctor for the MERZ laboratory.

April 2017-September 2018 : Doctor at ABSOLU SANTÉ LASER PARIS specialized in laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine.

March 2015-September 2018 : Doctor at THE CLINIC PARIS specialized in hair transplantation by robotic assistance.

Décembre 2014-September 2018 : Doctor at emergency doctor Yvelines.